Face Your Dragon by Brad Axelrad #021 | Break the Chains of Addiction in Life w/ Paul Hoffman
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Guest: Paul Hoffman

“Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” – Carrie Fisher

For the most part, being an entrepreneur means getting to set your own schedule, calling the shots in your business, delivering your message how you see fit. Making your own way. Free of so many chains. You possess more control over your life. But there’s a silent lurker that can be enabled to take over the reins on your behavior, thoughts, and actions. And it’s not your mother-in-law.

As much as we like to think we’re running our own lives, we’re all dealing with some level of addiction. Some may already be aware of their vices with the usual suspects — alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling. Others may downplay their obsessive work, relationship, or social media habits as seemingly harmless.

(Oohhh — so you don’t have an addiction? How about that crazy-aggro side of you that’s only tamed by a few dozen shots of caffeine to the system?)

Addictions are addictions, no matter what pretty package you wrap them in…

Seducing you with dopamine. Tempting you with relief from experiencing some raw reality. Advanced levels of addiction — so good at stripping you, and others, of your unique presence. Numbing you from some neglected hurt or fear. Helping drown out thoughts of dragons you haven’t faced.

How deceitful their comforts are. Because reality waits to greet you as soon as the high wears off. And it won’t go away until you feel whatever it is you’re not.

As long as you’re a slave to avoiding truth, you’re not really in complete control. Are you?

Have the courage to illuminate what hides in your shadows. Challenge yourself to break free. And have the freedom to mindfully choose the direction of your life.

The Face Your Dragon podcast opens up the concept that what you are most afraid of and most resisting are the very things that will set you free

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Just as lack can spark addiction, the opposite is true. Achieving big fame and success can just as easily pave a path to a dark place. When the jingle Paul Hoffman wrote for Ford hit big and took off, so did Paul’s life. His attempts to mask the feelings that accompanied his mega success caused him to hit rock-bottom.

In this episode, Paul talks about how his Imposter or Fraud Syndrome manifested as a 15-year heavy drug and alcohol addiction. He goes even deeper by sharing the hallucination that eventually forced him to face and ride his dragon. Listen in as Transformational Musician Paul Hoffman discusses loosening the grip of addiction and how to truly sculpt a life of clarity, meaning, and success.

Episode Discussions

  • The shadow side of fast and big wealth
  • Consequences of caffeine addiction
  • Dopamine release and adrenal fatigue
  • Cocaine-Cola and Sigmund Freud’s favorable medical analysis
  • Brad’s past abuse of MDMA and alcohol
  • The decline of Robin William’s health from prolonged drug use
  • Different forms and levels of addiction
  • The temptation to have just that “one caffeine hit”
  • Shifting paradigms with drug experimentation
  • Addiction’s numbing effect
  • Having an open awareness toward behaviors and resistance
  • Fraud or Imposter syndrome
  • What are you avoiding?
  • The dark side of success and how it can lead to addiction
  • Masking your feelings of not being good enough
  • A drug hallucination that inspired transformation
  • Limited thinking is an addiction
  • Self-care rituals and habits to create a successful life
  • Using fear as a motivator
  • Sobriety and presence
  • Mindfully choosing the direction of your life
  • Owning and recognizing your own shadows
  • Compulsion and the gap between stimulus and response
  • How not living your purpose relates to addiction
  • Are limiting beliefs real?
  • You have a gift that that the world needs
  • Dialing down the little voice to hear the big voice of possibility
  • Action steps you can take to find your uniqueness and share it

Episode Benefits

  • Explore the dark side of success and how it can lead to addiction
  • Learn self-care rituals and habits to create success in your life
  • Action steps you can take to find your uniqueness and share it

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Listen in as this episode illuminates the path to awareness and provides valuable guidance on how to find, face, and ride your dragon.

Here’s the thing.

1 of the 5 dragons is chaining you down from taking the leap and breaking free.

Take the 1 minute quiz now and Discover the #1 Hidden Fear Stopping You From Earning What You’re Worth.

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Show notes written by Jonnie Williams