So this is VERY edgy for me.

I am honestly EXTREMELY nervous to share this with you and the world as I am..

…to come out of the closet and share that I do crazy medicine like this.

Many of you might be challenged by the fact that both do it and that I am openly sharing it, for various reasons…

You might say it’s drugs..

You might think it’s too sacred to share my experience with the world.

This being my first Facebook Live, I really wanted to share something special and powerful.

First of all, doing ayahuasca is INTENSE.

It’s confronting.

It’s magical.

It’s RAW.

…and it’s incredibly beautiful..

I am still integrating after an all night deep dive into the innermost parts of my subconscious mind.

I faced many of the darkest aspects of myself.

Lovingly purged into beauty, grace and bliss.

For anyone curious to hear about this magical and confronting experience, tune in..

I will be as transparent as possible, sharing the best I can from all perspectives..

This is a path that not many will have the desire to take.

…and it is calling MANY of you.

Listen to the calling.

If it calls to you, I am here to discuss what it looks like to understand it more.

To make sense of how this can provide ancient insights and wisdom into parts of who you are that will blow your heart and mind wide open.

…the medicine works in ways that nothing else can.

It truly opens your heart and brings you back to love.

Back to source.

Back to you..

Please share this with your friends.