Face Your Dragon by Brad Axelrad #023 | Create Space w/ Michael White-Ryan and Pamela Edwards-Ryan
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Guest: Michael White-Ryan & Pamela Edwards-Ryan

“Create the space and a bigger life happens.” – Alysia Reiner

Failure is a risk that goes along with being an entrepreneur. With the odds stacked against —not just the success of a business — but the survival, you take measures to ensure you don’t become just another stat. Some of those measures made you question your own sanity.

There exists other methods that consistently get overlooked and severely underused — but have potential to make a serious impact on your success. Easily accessible, readily available, and 100% organic. Any beating heart gets it for free. So what’s the deal then? Why aren’t more people taking advantage of it?

That’s the same question we’re asking.

Energy exists around you and within you. Surfing the ebbs and flows of currents. Always in action — even when you’re not. It has favorable and unfavorable effects. Which direction it goes is up to you. Being mindful of this constant invisible energy is the first step toward using it to create success and enjoying all it has to offer.

Starting with intuition. An inner GPS that tells you which direction to go. But sometimes it wants to take the scenic route while you’d rather gun it on the freeway. So you shut it off (because there’s nothing more annoying than a voice that keeps telling you to make a u-turn at every stoplight). And spend the next 3 hours sitting in gridlock and regret.

Your intuition is a powerful energy that — more often than not — knows what’s best, even before you do. Open your heart, trust its direction, and allow it to navigate you to success.

Spirituality is another avenue that even professional athletes have faith will improve their game. Your concept of god or spiritual practice might be different but the foundation is similar. What better way to co-create success than with your creator?

If you haven’t tapped into this energetic resource, you’re holding yourself back from living your fullest potential. Break free from an imprisoned mindset and open up to new opportunities that could lead to ultimate success.

The Face Your Dragon podcast opens up the concept that what you are most afraid of and most resisting are the very things that will set you free

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There’s another facet of invisible energy you can use to create growth and maximize your success. Michael Ryan and Pamela Edwards are the founders of Language of Space, a firm that helps businesses accelerate performance through Feng Shui for workplace and residential environments.

In this episode, Brad shares his experience working with Michael and Pamela,.and the remarkable results that came from taking the leap and creating the space to optimize his potential. Whether you’re a feng shui skeptic or believer, you’ll appreciate discovering how to use invisible energy to create success in business and in life.

Episode Discussions

  • Making moves is necessary to create abundance
  • Brad’s funny story about taking the leap to move out of his home of 11 years
  • Imprisoned mindsets
  • Feng shui for the skeptics
  • Healthy skepticism
  • Placebo effect (moving the room will create income)
  • Feng shui is moving with intention
  • Leading from the mind excludes possibilities
  • How energy can get in the door
  • Creative people need energy
  • US Census Bureau and SBA business success and failure stats
  • Is it intuition or is it manifestation?
  • Running the business is not the best place for creatives
  • E myth
  • Businesses face dragons too
  • Getting out of your comfort zone to create successful space
  • Feng shui for the skeptics
  • The mindset that has you recreating and repeating the same scenarios
  • How the fastest growing business used feng shui to create massive and sustainable growth
  • Manifestation comes from feelings and hearts, not thinking from the mind
  • Changing your core values every 6 months
  • “The intellect is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”
  • Feeling vs thinking, even in business!
  • The true definition of a leader
  • Finding and staying true to your talents and passion
  • Moving spaces can shift energy and help make powerful impact

Episode Benefits

  • Discover how to use invisible energy to create success in business and life.
  • Learn the mental blocks that keep you from benefitting from invisible energy.
  • Understand why making moves is necessary to create abundance.

Listen in as this episode illuminates the path to awareness and provides valuable guidance on how to find, face, and ride your dragon.

Here’s the thing.

1 of the 5 dragons is chaining you down from taking the leap and breaking free.

Take the 1 minute quiz now and Discover the #1 Hidden Fear Stopping You From Earning What You’re Worth.

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Show notes written by Jonnie Williams