Face Your Dragon by Brad Axelrad #018 | Challenge Your Perception of Fear w/ John Jolliffe
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Guest: John Jolliffe

“Fears can be dealt with but they have to be defined.” – John Jolliffe

Think about the last time you mulled over what genuinely scares you — what gets you emotional. I mean, really gave them a thorough pat-down. White gloves and all. When was the last time you X-rayed your emotions and fears. Been awhile?

Avoiding a deep dive into anything beyond the surface is human nature. Because facing your dragons can be daunting and uncomfortable, let alone keeping them top-of-mind when you don’t have to. And what about the negative societal stigma attached to showing emotion and fear? It’s generated quite an arrogant denial and suppression of their existence altogether…

Weakening the human connection and keeping you stuck in the shadows.

No amount of suppression or luck will prevent life from forcing you to experience your fear and emotion. Fighting to have a say in that is a hopeless battle you’ll continue to lose — along with all of the opportunities that could’ve landed you your dream job or a truly fulfilling relationship.

So why not focus your energy and efforts on challenging something within your control? Something that could be responsible for distracting you from happiness…

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Consider the concept of thinking errors. Could you have misconceptions about your fears and emotions? Are you afraid of the dark or are you really afraid of what’s in the dark? Do you fear the unknown or what’s in the unknown? Do you be project what you think is in the unknown?

Challenge yourself to shed light on your beliefs and past thought processes. Not to dwell — but to duel — so you can start winning back your missed opportunities, heal your old wounds, and create the life you deserve.

It’s worth saying yes to that thing that’s scaring you the most. So find the courage to face your dragon. Take the leap. And break free.

The Face Your Dragon podcast opens up the concept that what you are most afraid of and most resisting are the very things that will set you free

Making the Fear Disappear

We’ll refer to this week’s guest as “John”. Not because he prefers to remain anonymous. But because it’s his name. As you read on, keep in mind this is one facet of the prismatic human being that John Jolliffe is. That will make sense once you listen to the episode.

John has made it clear that he’s not interested in helping the world — he’s interested in changing it. And his actions and wisdom fall nothing short of doing just that. He’s served as a therapist in the area of psychology for 40 years, hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, studied serial killers to understand their dynamic, and spent years as a tour guide for National Geographic. It’s also worth mentioning that Jim Carrey is a 30+years pal.

If that sounds like an introduction for the Most Interesting Man in the World, it’s because he is.

In this interview, John offers mind-blowing insights that are sure to shift your paradigms. As Brad puts it, he experienced “old thoughts and beliefs being cracked open to new possibility.”

What does neglect have to do with making fear disappear? The answer is one of the many reasons why this episode deserves your attention.

Episode Discussions

  • Deep brilliance from Jim Carrey
  • Thinking errors are more common than fear-based beliefs
  • A slightly heated discussion on the 5 dragons and how they came to be
  • The distinction and connection between feelings and emotions
  • How fear is damaged and what happens to you when you do
  • The 2 types of ego (similar to hedonic and eudaimonic)
  • The arrogance in answers – assuming complete understanding
  • Challenging fear-based beliefs, perceptions, traditions, religion and “enchanted ideas”
  • Face your fears you so can step into being a humanitarian
  • Fear based beliefs have to be challenged and corrected
  • Rice production in challenged countries
  • The number one psychological emotional need in mankind across cultures across genders is not love
  • Do you have an addiction to belonging?
  • “Rejection is a false belief that rarely happens in human history”
  • Beneath the masquerade of ADD & ADHD
  • The psychological concept of “Camera”
  • Ego systemic vs ego dystonic ideas
  • The Beautiful Mind (movie) and how it relates to ego
  • John’s journey with Jim Carrey
  • We have how many thoughts a day?!
  • Make the distinction between thinking and false belief
  • Behind excessive drinking and taking drugs
  • Love is really the crisis of belonging
  • Positive and negative transference
  • Once you name something, you limit it
  • Why identification is a slippery slope
  • The difference between phobias and fears and how to make phobias more manageable
  • Raise your suspicion about what you fear
  • Why you tend to focus on phobias and why they’re not real fears
  • The arrogance in having answers and understanding everything
  • John challenges the ideas of past Face Your Dragon guests

Episode Benefits

  • Learn how to make the distinction between thoughts and false beliefs
  • Discover the number one psychological emotional need in mankind across cultures and genders (hint: it’s not love)
  • How to start winning back your missed opportunities, heal your old wounds, and create the life you deserve

Listen in as this episode illuminates the path to awareness and provides valuable guidance on how to find, face, and ride your dragon.

Here’s the thing.

1 of the 5 dragons is chaining you down from taking the leap and breaking free.

Take the 1 minute quiz now and Discover the #1 Hidden Fear Stopping You From Earning What You’re Worth.

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Show notes written by Jonnie Williams