CR sunsetThere is lots of time for me to face my dragon here in Costa Rica!

I can see how most people give it a go here and bail back to their respective land, wherever that is.

As I mentioned before it is NOT paradise on so many levels. And ABSOLUTE paradise on so many others.

First, the language barrier.

I am a decent Spanish speaker, but by no means am I fluent.

This creates challenges in EVERYTHING. The cool part though, yesterday, I was nervous to call Bridgestone tires down here to see if they make the tire I want in my size.

I thought wow, how the heck am I going to have that conversation to a Spanish-only speaking person.

I have learned that if I preface the conversation with “please speak slowly”, we have an effective conversation. Without it, I am lost in the super fast speak.

Learning Spanish was a huge reason for me moving here, so I stay committed and steadfast.

Second, the shopping.

As much as I despise consumerism, especially as a sport or unconscious addiction, I find I need certain things to be able to feel nurtured and healthy.

Thankfully, I have worked out the shipping methods and timing here.

It took 5 weeks to get a box regular mail from the US. 
2 weeks sent Priority Mail.

Priority mail would have costed $100+ vs. the $45 we paid for regular mail.

The workaround is this…


And now knowing to mail stuff to a container in Florida, and waiting 3 – 6 weeks to get my items.

This avoids paying for customs. And makes it super simple.


Now I buy 4 bottles of protein instead of 1 or 2.

I buy 4 bottles of Spirulina.
of Pink Salt.
of Glucosamine.
of Dr. Bronners.


The point is this; I am consuming in a different way.

I am finding what I can live without and how to get what I need.

More than anything, leaning into my western ways of “get me what I want NOW.”

Third, everything is slower.

Learning to lean even more into my “go fast” thing that I learned many years ago racing motocross.

The need to have my practice bike running, my race bikes, my pickup, all of it.

It was a lot to manage with practice riding 3 days a week and racing every Saturday night or Sunday.

Not only did I learn to get a lot done in a short time, or learned to go fast on the practice or race track, but I learned efficiency all around.

Without efficiency, I could die.

Die in many ways.

Die on the track from the throttle sticking do to arm pump and my forearm holding it wide open…

Or die driving home for 2 hours from the track after 4 hours of super intense riding in 100+ degree, humid temps with layers of clothes, leather boots and a helmet on.

Motocross is gnarly..

The slowing down of everything here tests me on a daily basis.

It reminds me to surrender. To allow. To trust.

…tomorrow is another day.

I will say this – I was up against it this morning.

For some reason today, I woke up feeling very challenged by it all.

I think a big portion of the discomfort came from me launching my Periscope yesterday.

Leaning into the experience of now knowing I am committing to creating regular content.

…even when I don’t want to.

To sharing my message with folks as an “expert”, when I feel like a regular dude who has just done a lot of crazy shit in his life – like moving here lol

Who am I to do this? To feel this way? To share a message?

Here’s the thing..

In everything I have ever done, doubt and fear and uncertainty are ALL part of it.

…so I lean in.


What else is there to do?

One foot in front of the other.

I step.
I trust.
I surrender.
I bust my ass.

Thanks for being on this journey with me..

…the amazing thing is this.

I will have all that I need. I always do.

Protein, cars, green drinks, love, hugs, contribution, whatever.

It’s just that the transition, and what I call, standing in the gap, are seriously challenging.

…but I would not have it any other way.

For I know that was is on the other side of a challenging morning is this..

Amazing insights into my why.
The opportunity for more self love and nurturing.
Inspiration for posts like this..

Some days have been PURE magic here.

Complete bliss.

Total surrender and awe.

Emotional states come and go.

…and being sober a lot, and not self-medicating, allows for both the bitter and the sweet to be that much more intense.

I’ll take it..

I trust you will have the courage to face your dragon and live the life you have always dreamed – in whatever paradise is to you.

Big love