Face Your Dragon by Brad Axelrad #017 | Take The Mystery Out Of Manifesting w/ Andy Dooley
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Guest: Andy Dooley

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”-Swami Vivekananda

Believer or skeptic, no being is exempt from manifesting their experience — the universe doesn’t discriminate. The energy of your conscious and unconscious thoughts continuously work to co-create your path, brick by brick. Since energy naturally flows in the path of least resistance, what you focus on is what you’ll attract.

Once you digest the concept, you become more aware of the power you truly possess, making it more important than ever to consciously check in with yourself…

Is the experience you’re creating for yourself authentically aligned with your passion and desires? Are your finances, career, and relationships where you’d like them to be or well on their way there? Getting caught up in the whirlwind of life makes it easy to let other thoughts run the show and manifest your reality.

Avoid manifesting by default. Continuously maintain a focused awareness to remind yourself that you’re always composing a result or outcome. The more conscious and present you are, the more in control you are of your experience. That gives you a greater chance at success and achieving genuine happiness.

The Face Your Dragon podcast opens up the concept that what you are most afraid of and most resisting are the very things that will set you free

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Manifesting doesn’t break for lunch. And when you’re not focused, your subconscious thoughts have the ability to cast your experience. But by strengthening certain parts of the brain, you can fine tune your focus and stay in a consistent thought vibration. If your eyes are glazing over, the Face Your Dragon podcast has you covered because this week’s guest will transform manifesting novices into masters.

Andy Dooley is a Law of Attraction expert, the co-founder of TUT.com and author of two books, “iManifest” and “The 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes and How to Fix Them.” In this episode, he shares how to fix some of those mistakes and tells you how to manifest with ease.

If you feel like your manifesting machine is broken, here are some useful tips from this episode:

  • Take steps to consistent manifestation.
  • When you manifest something you don’t want, become aware of possible laziness in thought and intention.
  • Be very specific and clear on what you want.
  • Manifestations have to happen because the universe knows what you want. It’s just waiting for you to get out of the way so it can give it to you.
  • No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to box up your old story and put it in the crate.
  • It’s never too late to become and do something great.

Episode Discussions

  • “I think positively, so how did this happen to me?”
  • Prefrontal cortex strength is key to focus
  • The tool that can strengthen your prefrontal cortex
  • How to pivot from a negative vibration or frequency to a better frequency
  • The small distinction between pretending to and actually raising your vibration
  • Living out a victim cycle
  • Focus equals feeling and how you feel is how you attract
  • Why and how your focus is under attack
  • How Andy achieved his level of understanding manifestation
  • Get out of your own way of receiving
  • It’s never too late to shift your mindset and create a new story
  • How your subconscious thoughts can manifest by default
  • The teachings of Abraham and Esther Hicks
  • Getting very serious about what you desire
  • The importance of taking inspired action
  • How mortality was Brad’s greatest teacher
  • Co-creating a more meaningful life
  • The inspiration behind The Law of Attraction Center (Orange County)
  • Even in deep grief, you are creating
  • What the Bleep Do We Know?

Episode Benefits

  • Learn how to pivot from a negative vibration or frequency to a better frequency.
  • Discover how to physically strengthen your focus and stay in a consistent thought vibration.
  • What it really means to co-create a more meaningful life and how to do it.

Listen in as this episode illuminates the path to awareness and provides valuable guidance on how to find, face, and ride your dragon.

Here’s the thing.

1 of the 5 dragons is chaining you down from taking the leap and breaking free.

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