About Brad Axelrad, the Vision Behind it All… (Short Version)

Since he was a young man, Brad faced fear head on. A natural-born leader and rebel, he always followed his heart.

He believes deeply that each and every one of us has a unique genius, voice and passion, and when we face our fears and tap into that voice, the sky’s the limit.

Knowing from his own life experience, facing your own brilliance head on and being frightened by how powerful we truly are, we can freeze up and not go after our dreams.

He firmly believes there is no worse a life lived than one where we die with or voice still in us.

He works with coaches, consultants and other visionary entrepreneurs to face their fears and become successful doing what they TRULY want to do – sharing their voice to benefit others.

Having created proven models and systems to get his client’s results faster and with more certainty, they step powerfully into their voice and deliver the transformation they have deep down been yearning to deliver.

Where it All Started… (Long Version)

With the nudge from his father, he started his first business at 10 years old.

Midweek powder days in the Tahoe mountains 50 days a winter was the norm. Racing motocross was his passion.

Ultimately he became a championship-winning Semi-Professional Motocross racer, traveling all over the West coast following his passion while making money.

Starting his first real business at 19, then selling another by 26, he took the risks, faced his fear, always saying YES to his dream.

After selling, big change was in store – he could feel it…

Being called to move to Orange County CA, he joined one of the largest Telecommunications companies and became the #1 Account Executive, successfully crushing his quota by 285%. After spending years in technology and as a Real Estate Broker, in finance and investment, he wanted something deeper. Something more meaningful. Just chasing money was not enough…

Always a curious person, he delved deep into personal development and spirituality, attending many self-actualizing events. To him, this was fun, but also very scary to face the internal fears head on. It’s one thing to face them on a motocross track or ski slope, but a whole nother deal to face them while looking inside.

After his father died suddenly in 2005, he awoke.. It shook him to his bones and rocked him wide open to another level of living. All of the self-indulgence became meaningless. He knew something HAD to change.

As he was beaten down to his knees, begging the universe for some salvation, crying and wailing in his hallway, he pleaded “please show me my purpose! I cannot die like my dad did with his voice still in him!”

Not more than 2 months later, NBC Nightly News visited a group of 45 people that Brad put together studying the Law of Attraction, and Brad’s purpose was shown…

He knew at that point he would be an event producer and bring people together. Bring them together so THEY could feel better, collaborate and follow THEIR purpose.

Even though he had a MAJOR fear of public speaking himself, he stepped up anyway.

Two weeks later he was interviewed on PBS Television for an hour, airing out to over 8 million viewers. Next came USC/News 21, Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

After having produced over 100 live events with some of the biggest thought leaders on the planet, he was aligned with something much more meaningful and contributory. Self-indulgence was a thing of the past. Transforming the lives of the thousands who attended and the next courageous souls who said YES to themselves was his future.

He was invited in 2010 to meet twice a year with other transformational leaders as a Founding Member of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders), a forum for individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields.

Taking a prescribed medication in 2011, he nearly died. This prompted him to re-think many things in his life, really getting him to face the biggest dragon of his life – his own mortality.

Recognizing a change was needed to a more healthy environment and way of living, he moved deep into the mountains of Boulder, CO.

Twenty-four months of mostly sober celibacy helped him gain incredible clarity. He spent many hours in solitude, asking God and the Universe to show him his message. Many days in deep contemplation… Many hours of conversations with mentors, coaches, and consultants… Many deep dives with numerous Shaman, finding a deeper level of connection to his own divinity and others…

The message deepened. Leading many through their fears, he realized at his core that fear is a normal part of our experience and it can be utilized to propel us to live the life of our dreams… The Face Your Dragon brand was born.

He “came down from the mountain” in 2014, moving back to sunny Southern CA, to drive the message to millions. California is the mecca of transformational work, and the impact of Brad’s work will be far-reaching. He currently resides in Newport Beach, CA and part-time in Costa Rica as Co-Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders – Costa Rica.

Brad’s purpose in life is to create transformation in communities worldwide, helping people to live from their deepest heart.

As the transformation grows and expands, so does his humility and gratitude.

Have Brad Speak For You

Many say that Brad has been the biggest influence of their success to date due to his ability to connect them with themselves and others. People experience feeling more connected to their purpose, their families and life while working with him.

As a consultant, speaker and transformational strategist, he helps people bust through their fears to get back into powerful action.

He is known for creating interactive environments that wake people up that include leading technologies for creating both quick and lasting change, integrating Neuroscience, NLP and other modalities.

His diverse background includes having spoken at over 200 live events, webinars, and teleclasses.

He was the Orange County graduate facilitator for the prestigious Hoffman Institute.

The live events he’s produced have created transformation for thousands who have attended.

Simply, public speaking was one of Brad’s biggest dragons.

Recognizing that speaking is the fastest way to create impact in the world, Brad now shares his message about utilizing fear to fuel your message and income.

He gives presentations to groups who want to take their life to the next level and make more money living their purpose.

Signature Talks

  • Using Fear to Fuel Your Message
  • The 7 Steps to Unleashing Your Message
  • The 5 Dragons That Stop You From Sharing Your Message

Recent audiences

  • The Fear of Success Summit co-produced w/ Alex Mandossian
  • Message to Money Live w/ Marisa Murgatroyd
  • The Association of Transformational Leaders w/ top thought leaders (e.g., Jack Canfield, John Gray, Barbara Marx-Hubbard and others)