Discover The #1 Hidden Fear

Stopping You From Earning

What You’re Worth

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1 Of 5 Dragons Is Stopping You From
Creating The Business You Want


You’ll Be Seen as an Imposter or Fraud


You Won’t Have Enough Clients to Sustain


You Don’t Charge What You’re Worth


Your Tribe Will Not Get Your Message


You Become Successful & Get Criticized

Ready to find your hidden fear?

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When many of us first do, we see fear as something to be defeated or worse,
ignored. But you’ll come to find that fear will always be with you, and that to have
it —yet not let it have you— is the way to ultimate freedom.

Find Your Fear

Find out exactly what’s holding you back from the business & life you deserve.

Face Your Fear

Face the #1 thing that is keeping you stuck and understand what drives it.

Use Your Fear

Turn your fear into fuel for profound levels of personal and financial success.

Discover What Can Happen
When You Face Your Dragon
See how coaches like you turned their courage into clients.

Soon, you’ll have breakthroughs like Leah, who:

Escaped her draining 9-5 corporate job

Faced her dragons and dominated in spite of her doubt

Went from an overworked mother of 3 to a celebrated 6-figure coach

Refused to settle for anything less than her full potential

Lives out her dream helping others live out theirs

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When You Face Your Dragon,
Your Life Will Never Be The Same…

During my coaching with Brad I transitioned from my W2 employment to full time entrepreneur. Well worth the money and time!

Edward Kennedy

Brad helped me gain clarity and vision for my coaching business and took me from a scared, confused newbie coach to a place of confidence!

Lisa Andria

Brad was just phenomenal! He went above and beyond to help me to build the whole business from scratch.

Katrina Starzhynskaya

My confidence and capacity have increased dramatically by implementing what I learned with Brad!

Jason Westlake
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    Leaders Transforming Your Fear

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    #003 | Find Purpose in Life’s Darkest Moments

    Meet Your Guide To More Courage, Clarity, & Clients

    As a coach, consultant, or entrepreneur, you want to live a life of fulfillment, but there’s one thing standing in your way…

    My name is Brad Axelrad, and for over a decade now, I’ve worked with coaches and consultants to transform struggle into strength. By helping them face their fears and dance with their dragons, I help leaders like you step into their power and create a thriving coaching business in the process.

    I’ve produced over 150 live events and spoken from nearly 300 stages with top thought leaders, business owners, and bestselling authors including industry GIANTS such as John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, Ali Brown, Michael Gerber, and many more…

    Since 2010, I’ve been a proud Founding Member of ATL SoCal (Association of Transformational Leaders) and Co-Founder of ATL Costa Rica, founded in 2017.

    I’ve done all of this as a part of my ongoing mission to show tomorrow’s leaders how to embody success without sacrifice today—one that has seen thousands of lives transformed, just like yours CAN and WILL.

    This Is Where You SEPARATE From The Pack:

    Where others flee from fear, you can use it as fuel to achieve your most daring dreams.

    But none of that will happen if you don’t take radical action.

    Ask yourself here and now:

    How much is fear and hesitation costing you?

    How many potential clients don’t hire you because you’re afraid to share your message?

    How many times have you presented an offer to someone only for them to say no due to an unclear path for them to take?

    Do your potential clients & customers understand the difference you can make for them?

    If you’re ready to stop settling for a half-lived life and ready to forge a more fulfilling future…